As an HR manager, when developing a health policy instead of an absenteeism policy, I ran into the fact that there was no software that facilitated the implementation of that policy in accordance with our vision.

During my orientation on ‘absenteeism systems’ I came into contact with Dennis and Danny, owners of Beeholder/WerkbaarBeter. We appeared to share vision and ambitions. They wanted to make what I was looking for. They believe in the (further) development of products in co-creation with customers. My employer at the time, GGZ-NHN, became the customer with which WerkbaarBeter was further developed from software for absenteeism guidance to software for guiding employees in their employability.

I got to know WerkbaarBeter and experience it as a vision-driven and customer-oriented company. During the development towards software for deployability, we inspired each other and kept each other on our toes. Our common principles were positive health, employee direction, ease of use and management. We gave each other ideas. There was room to try things out and then judge whether it worked. And further improve it where necessary. And not just during implementation.

Are you a client of WerkbaarBeter? Then you’ll get more than software. You get a software vendor who thinks with you about increasing the employability and job satisfaction of your employees. By giving them insight into everything that is involved in their employability, facilitating them in taking control and making full use of their options during reintegration. A software supplier that gives managers insight into the deployability of their employees and limits their administrative burden. So that they have more time for their employees. A software supplier that embraces innovations. Such as task delegation from the company doctor and making appointments with the company doctor. A technique that could also be used within a week for planning and registering Corona vaccinations. A software supplier that visits you every six weeks. To discuss your experiences and wishes. And to discuss with you how you can make even better use of the possibilities of the software and to show which innovations have already been realized.

Beeholder/WerkbaarBeter, a collaboration partner instead of a supplier, who helps you to increase the employability of your employees.

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