Jungleproof App & dashboard

Offline datacollection in rural areas, yet directly online datacollection where a (mobile) connection is available. Easy, transparant, automatic data synchronisation. Insights, reports, and connectivity to next steps in the value chain via a clear dashboard.

That’s BluTool.

Fiber Foods (formerly Business Lab Uganda) and BeeHolder have partnered to develop an application that collects and manages the first-mile data of products: from farm to factory. From the beginning, our DNAs clicked. Together we looked at how to make an App and Dashboard workable for local African users. Feedback from the users in the field indicated their needs and was the basis of our development.

We listen carefully to feedback and take the knowledge and skills of the users into account. We respect the cultural differences between the Netherlands and Uganda. In addition, we look every next improvement round what will be the most beneficial to implement first for all parties.

We aim to expand and use this product for a fully transparent process from farm to fork and beyond. Including smart certification and a “give back” to the farmer and the community functionality.